Oral Presentation Guidelines

Please read the following instructions carefully. We have more than 300 oral presenters and cannot make exceptions to these rules:

  • All Speakers (not Chairs) must report to the Speaker Ready Room (Planner Office, located on the 2nd Level of the Pinnacle Hotel) at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled presentation to upload and/or review their presentation with the onsite technician. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that your slides will be displayed properly.
  • Submitting your presentation at the technical session room is not possible.
  • Please see below for the Speaker Ready Room Hours & Details. You may bring your presentation on a USB stick or your laptop.
  • For speakers presenting on Monday, June 12, we ask that you head immediately to the Speaker Ready Room as soon as possible to ensure that your presentation is ready for your presentation.
  • Please visit the conference on-line program for the most up to date Scientific Program and complete details regarding your session.
  • Please arrive to designated technical session room at least 10 min before the session start time and introduce yourself to the session chair.


  • All screens will be in16:9 ratio.  For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you prepare your slides in 16:9 ratio with a PC compatible Office 2013 (or newer) software.  If you are using an older version of PowerPoint and attempt to embed a video, there is a very high chance that the videos will not work properly.
  • Presenters can use their own PowerPoint templates
  • How to create a 16×9 PowerPoint Presentation:
    • Create a New PowerPoint Presentation
    • Click on DESIGN (located at the very top)
    • Set the, “Slides sized for:” to “On-screen Show (16:9)”
  • Important: The session chairs have been given strict guidelines to end the presentations at the designated time. Most presentations are 15 minutes. There are some sessions with 8 presenters; in these cases, presentation time is limited to 12 minutes. The chairs will provide you further guidance before the conference. Chairs will show a sign 3 minutes before the end and stand up at the end of your presentation time. They will request you to end the presentation in fairness to all other presenters. Please do not plan to show 100 slides in 15 minutes!
  • Presentation: The session chair introduces the presenting author and the title of the paper. There will be a laptop on the podium. You will see on the laptop screen a Folder open with the upcoming presentations. You only need to find your name & session time and double click to open. Once the presentation is finished, you will click on the X (in the top right corner) to close the PowerPoint Presentation. The next presenter will then go up to the podium and open their presentation


The Speaker Ready Room is located on the Second Level of the Hotel (next to the Ballrooms) in the Port of Vancouver.  An onsite AV technician will be available during open hours to assist with your presentation.

Speaker Ready Room Hours are:

Monday, June 12:            7:00-17.30
Tuesday, June 13             8:00-17.30
Wednesday, June 14      8:00-12:00
Thursday, June 15            8:00-17:30
Friday, June 16                  8:00-15:00


Seating will be Theatre Style and all Session Rooms will be equipped with:

  1. One podium and microphone
  2. LCD projector and screen
  3. PC Laptop computer (Presentations must be PC compatible and NOT Mac)
  4. Wireless PowerPoint Presentation clicker
  5. Timer
  6. 16 x 9 Presentation Format
  7. Note: only the sessions held in the Ballrooms will have a comfort monitor.  All other sessions will only have a Laptop on the Podium.

We look forward to meeting you in Vancouver! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Download Guidelines (PDF)