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Forestry Innovation Investment – Building a Stronger Forest Economy

Established in 2003, Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) is the provincial agency charged with maintaining, creating and diversifying markets for B.C. forest products. FII works with and supports the forest sector to bring advanced wood products and technologies to market; promote B.C.’s products and forest management practices to the global marketplace; and leverage resources to ensure the forest sector continues to be a key contributor to the B.C. economy.

FII works with more than two dozen industry trade associations, research institutions and trade development agencies to deliver a comprehensive suite of market development programs and services. Our unique, collaborative approach also brings together the expertise and resources of two levels of government to maximize the impact of the initiatives delivered by FII and its partners.

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US Forest Service

The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service is the world’s largest forestry research organization.  Our work is devoted to contributing high quality scientific information to the formulation of new policies and management approaches for natural resources by all land owners and land managers.  Our Nation’s forests, grasslands, and natural urban environments are facing increasing pressure from human and environmental threats, including changing temperature and moisture regimes, pollution, growing human populations, and increasing energy demands.  Forest Service Research & Development (R&D) has responded to this challenge by identifying priority research areas for emphasis over the next 3-5 years. These priority areas build upon R&D’s core Research Topics and demonstrate R&D’s commitment to remaining an interactive, vibrant, and visionary partner in solving today’s critical problems with science and technology.

  • Research focused on alternative energy sources, new products and new markets that contribute to U.S. energy security, environmental quality, and economic opportunity.
  • Leading cutting-edge innovations in the development of wood products.
  • Adaptation research to improve the resiliency of forests, rangelands, and aquatic systems and to mitigate the adverse impacts of changing temperature and moisture regimes on trees, forests, and forest and rangeland ecosystems.
  • Research for the management, protection, and care of urban natural resources to improve people’s lives.
  • Watershed-scale research to understand where water shortages will occur, identify changing patterns in rain and snow fall, and find ways to reduce water pollution and protect water sources.

Natural Resources Canada seeks to promote the responsible development and use of Canada’s natural resources, while enhancing the innovation and competitiveness of Canada’s natural resources products. The federal government department is an established science and technology leader in the fields of energy, forests, minerals and metals, and earth sciences. As part of Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Forest Service is the national and international voice for Canada’s forest sector. The Canadian Forest Service conducts scientific research on Canada’s forests to inform forest management planning and pol icy decisions to ensure our forests are sustainable and healthy for our country and the world to enjoy.

Association of BC Forest Professionals – With more than 5,300 members, including Registered Professional Foresters and Registered Forest Technologists, we represent the largest group of forestry professionals in Canada.
The Association of BC Forest Professionals is responsible for registering and regulating British Columbia’s professional foresters and forest technologists.
Here in BC, the practice of professional forestry has been regulated since 1947 when foresters first agreed to help protect the public’s interest in the province’s forests in return for the exclusive right to practice forestry.
Today, we are the largest professional forestry association in Canada and the first to include forest technologists.

Interfor – With operations across North America and customers around the globe, Interfor is now one of the world’s largest lumber providers. With annual capacity of 3 billion board feet from world-class facilities, we serve the needs of customers, strengthen local economies and build value for our employees and our shareholders. And now we’re embarking on a bold new vision, capitalizing on opportunity and growing into an even more robust future.