The Forest Sector Innovations for a Greener Future 2017 IUFRO Division 5 Conference incorporates an Innovation/Sustainability theme. This will form a unifying basis for the week-long conference and will guide the agenda through a series of plenary sessions that will catalyze discussion on what the future forest products sector might look like.

Each morning will feature 2 keynote presentations; one a research-based talk featuring a prominent academic, the other a more pragmatic, real-world talk featuring a prominent practitioner from industry, government, civil society, or an indigenous community.

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Plenary Topics

  • Forest Sector Innovation – How can innovative forest sector based environmental and social approaches assure a greener future for our global society?
  • Innovations in Forest Products and Services – How will fibre and forests be used in the near- and long-term (focus on bioenergy, biomaterials, biofuels, biochemicals, carbon and non-timber forest products)?
  • Innovations in Wood Building and Design – What will the next generation’s needs for shelter and buildings be and how will they be met?
  • Innovations in Forest Management, Policy and Markets – Will there be enough biomass and sustainable products to support the growing global population?
  • Innovations in Business Models and Management – What will the businesses of forestry look like in the near- and long-term?